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Welcome to Inner Circle Creative – Full Service Video Production for Businesses and Brands.
ICC creates perfect videos for you, your business and brand. We make video production simple in four steps: Creative, production, editorial and distribution. We work with you from the initial concept to the final delivery for your business, event, website and social media channels.

And welcome to Inner Circle Creative – Virtual Editorial Hub
For fast, precision editing services at a moment’s notice, ICC is a team of top creative editors backed by real-time project management. Give us your raw footage, review your edited video online and request any needed changes. We’ll make it happen, perfectly.

About Inner Circle Creative
Inner Circle Creative produces videos for clients including LinkedIn, PG&E, Wells Fargo Bank and the American Academy of Ophthalmology + many smaller businesses and organizations.

ICC is Blake Padilla - producer, a San Francisco native with a background in drama and broadcast arts. Richard Childs - creative director from London and a former BBC editor. Together we’ve been around for over ten years and we work with a team of writers, videographers, editors, graphic designers and animators. We’re highly collaborative, working with you to create perfect videos for your businesses and brand. Contact us; we’re here to help.

is when we first understand your business and how you’re trying to change the world. Then we brainstorm crazy yet lucid ideas that subsequently get distilled into a script. Creativity is key.


is the actual shoot days when we’re on location with the crew and equipment gathering the raw material in glorious high definition…the interviews, the B roll, the car chase sequences, the emotional, heartfelt moments, the product shots and customer testimonials.


Editing accounts for about 70% of the impact of a successful video. Editing is where the live action, graphics, music, voice over and other media come together to craft the story. And you review each version of an edit securely online and collaborate with us to make the changes you want.


is the final step. We can deliver your video to your YouTube channel, make it huge on a screen at your trade show, run a version in your lobby, on your website or smartphone. Wherever you need your video to be we’ll put it there.

About Us

Blake Padilla
Executive Producer
Richard Childs
Creative Director
Christine Odegard
Matt Clarke
Michael Wood
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